Jenny Stephen Taylor Testimonials

I have had treatment with Jenny on several occasions and have always felt better physically and mentally afterwards. I feel more relaxed and grounded and my sleep has improved considerably. Jenny has a warm and gentle approach, she is patient and understanding. Jenny explained what to expect from the session. I would recommend Jenny's treatments.


I recently had a session with Jenny and it was absolutely amazing. I went into the session thinking there was no hope and no light at the end of the tunnel but left feeling so revitalised! I didn’t have much faith in counselling until meeting Jenny. She really did help me to get some direction in my life and I am ever so grateful. 


(This review was taken over the phone by Bidvine) I’ve had a session with Jenny Stephens and I’m so so happy about it, I’ve found her genuine and supportive, she helped me to start my journey to find my balance, she helped me to see life and situations under different perspectives and she helped me to better understand myself, I cannot be more satisfied.


I genuinely had a thoroughly thought-proving and soul searching experience receiving counselling from Jenny. She was attentive, and took the time to understand me and the issues I was facing. I've genuinely been able to implement many of the techniques Jenny has shown me to give me the tools to actually deal with issues when they've re-surfaced later in life. I'd highly recommend Jenny for Spiritual Counselling and will definitely be using her services again in the future!


Jenny is a beautiful soul and an excellent Spiritual Counsellor. Her approach is warm but direct, straight to the heart of any matter, confronting issues you might have otherwise spiritually bypassed. These sessions allowed me to venture deeper into my healing journey. There is so much to gain through these and I can’t recommend her enough. Jenny has been a wonderful blessing in my life. 


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